About Us

Inti Sari Holdings Pte Ltd is a locally based exporter of delectable snack foods with manufacturing and production facilities based in Indonesia. Founded in 1992 under the name PT. Inti Sari Internasional, the business has grown into four factories established in the regions of Java and Sumatra today.

Rapidly expanding operations led to a subsidiary being set up in Singapore – Inti Sari Holdings Pte Ltd. Inti Sari provides services mainly to the export market segment and offers private labelling options and alternative brands.

Our delicious award-winning snacks are halal-certified and offer a tantalising treat for your taste buds. With our innovative and creative solutions, we are the go-to for your private label snack production. Our company produces quality snacks under strict compliance with quality management standards and we are confident in providing you with appetising treats that keep your customers coming back for more.

Besides being able to provide private labelling, we also offer our very own in-house portfolio of flavoursome snacks. These include the likes of Momogi, Tritos, Citoku, Migi Migi, Sea Bits, Bisibis, and Wijoy. Our alternative brand gives our clients the option of outright purchase.

Intisari hopes to establish its headquarters in Singapore in the near future. Singapore is a well-recognised business hub. Its reputation as a safe and secure country allows for the smooth, uninterrupted operation of businesses. This will enable Intisari to ensure timely delivery of orders, keeping our belief that customers should only receive the best we can offer.

With Intisari, you can be rest assured that we deliver what you want, how you want.